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Find Your Site in Delaware

Whether it’s our competitive business climate, reliable infrastructure, sophisticated and skilled workforce, or convenient Mid-Atlantic location, Delaware remains a consistent leader attracting a diverse range of fast-growing industries. Businesses are thriving in Delaware, resulting in one of the strongest economies in the Mid-Atlantic Region.

When you choose Delaware as the location for your client’s business, you can trust it’s an investment in one of the nation’s best states for business to incorporate and where centuries of Fortune 500 companies, startups, family operations and more have chosen to operate.

Manufacturing & Logistics

With skilled workers advanced manufacturing a diverse array of items at the center of the largest consumer market in the U.S., Delaware serves as a manufacturing hotspot. At the center of the largest consumer market in the U.S. when you choose Delaware you choose ease-of-access to 50 million+ customers. Advanced manufacturing and logistics businesses looking for success find it in Delaware.

Business & Financial Services

Delaware has emerged as an internationally renowned center for business and financial services with much of the world’s legal affairs being conducted in Delaware—this includes 1 million businesses and 68% of the Fortune 500 companies. Financial and fintech services are Delaware’s largest traded sector. With Delaware as a hub, well-known financial service brands, as well as new fintech brands, have established themselves in Delaware, providing countless financial services for businesses, as well as over 40,000 jobs.

Science & Technology

At the epicenter of the Innovation Corridor (from Washington D.C. to New York), Delaware offers one of the world’s largest talent pools of science and technology experts—in the U.S., it is ranked as having the 4th highest concentration of employed PhDs in health, science, and engineering. A leader in advanced chemicals and bioscience, Delaware has held global leadership in chemical innovation and currently has the highest concentration of chemical engineers in the U.S. and a 60% growth rate within the past decade in life science firms choosing Delaware. Delaware’s Lab Grant program offers capital support for advanced lab space. Delaware Research & Development Tax Credits promotes new research and development by lowering payments on taxable expenses.

Education & Healthcare

With 100 universities in a two-hour radius of Delaware, Delaware numerous academic institutions and healthcare systems are at the forefront of health and technology innovations. Delaware education institutions include the nationally recognized historically black college and university, Delaware State University as well as leaders in accreditation programs, Wilmington University, and Delaware Technical Community College. The University of Delaware campus features a 272-acre Science Technology and Advanced Research (STAR). Delaware’s health care systems include teaching hospitals as well as advanced research programs. Its multistate health care system ChristianaCare is in the top 1% of all U.S. hospitals.

Food & Agriculture

As the state ranked first in the U.S. for agricultural value sold per acre, Delaware has some of the most modern advances in food production, agriculture and agriscience. The low cost of doing business, the closeness to major markets, and a highly educated workforce all contribute to making Delaware’s agricultural businesses successful. The agriscience sectors work with life scientists to produce top-tier pharmaceuticals for agribusiness.

Searching for a Site? Find the Ideal Location

Delaware Prosperity Partnership offers a variety of services to help you find the ideal location for your client’s business. From customized analysis on labor, supply chain, incentives, and other location factors you can count on Delaware Prosperity Partnership as a partner in your success working tirelessly to help you help your clients.

In Delaware, it is often said that the state is bigger because of its size. Delaware Prosperity Partnership can easily access elected officials, regulatory agency leaders, and community leaders to help its clients and prospects. When a prospect sees how cooperative the state is, it makes it easy to visualize how Delaware can be a good fit for their company.

Explore Delaware’s diverse regions to learn why the First State is a great place to live. The Commonwealth offers ready access to wide-ranging cultural and recreational amenities, desirable housing options, and great schools.

Featured Properties & Sites

Delaware offers an unparalleled location along the Mid-Atlantic coast, providing global access and a business-friendly environment. Whether you’re looking to grow or expand your business, Delaware Prosperity Partnership can help you find a property, office or building that best fits the need of your business. Explore available properties and sites to get started or get in touch for site selection services. 

Delaware Data Set


No matter what type of worker you’re looking for, you’ll find it in Delaware’s workforce. Located at the center of more than 100 universities, medical schools, community colleges and highly respected Ivy League institutions, Delaware has one of the nation’s most educated, diverse and talented workforces.

Transportation & Infrastructure

Thanks to Delaware’s strategic position at the center of business in the Northeast United States, its residents and employers have access to international airports and one of the busiest passenger rail hubs in the country.

Tax Credits & Incentives

Growing and supporting businesses is a top priority in the First State, which is why Delaware offers a wide variety of tax credits and incentives to businesses of all sizes.

Delaware’s Regions

Explore Delaware’s diverse regions to learn why the First State is a great place to live. The First State offers ready access to a wide range of cultural and recreational amenities, desirable housing options, great schools, and some of the best healthcare in the nation.

Cost of Living

Ranked among the Mid-Atlantic’s top three most affordable states, Delaware enjoys a significantly lower cost of living than its Eastern Seaboard neighbors, making it one of the East Coast’s best states to live in. 

Site Selector Toolkit

Delaware Prosperity Partnership’s goal is to provide you with reference tools and resources to learn more about Delaware and arm you with the information needed to make sound recommendations to your clients. Explore the Site Selector Toolkit to see what sets Delaware apart:

Why Businesses Incorporate in Delaware

Global Delaware Innovation Program

Resilience & Innovation: Year in Review 2021

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