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Agribusiness Companies Choose Delaware

Delaware’s Farms are Among the Most Productive and Efficient in the Nation

Ranked No. 1 in the nation for agricultural value sold per acre, the state of Delaware is a food production powerhouse on the cutting-edge of some of the most modern advances in food and agriculture. Factor in our low cost of doing business, proximity to major markets and highly-educated workforce, it is clear why world-leading agribusiness companies choose to do business in Delaware.

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Agribusiness Companies Thrive in Delaware

Delaware provides one of the most fertile environments in the nation for food and agriculture businesses to thrive.

Agriculture & Food Production

Delaware is one of the country’s leading producers of broiler chickens, generating more than $1 billion in sales annually. Leading poultry processors such as Perdue, Allen Harim, and Mountaire have significant operations in the state, and the poultry industry represents approximately 70% of Delaware’s cash farm income.

With highly productive soil and generations of skilled farmers, Delaware is a significant producer of soybeans, field corn, watermelon, lima beans, sweet corn, and potatoes. Agriculture and farming have been a way of life in Delaware ever since the first settlers arrived more than three centuries ago. Farmers form the backbone of Delaware’s economy. Corn is the top crop, watermelons are the leading fruit crop and broilers are the most valuable agricultural product. Other important Delaware agricultural products include wheat, barley, apples, peaches, grapes, peas, and dairy.

Agriscience & Precision Agriculture

Delaware is on the cutting-edge of some of the most modern advances in food and agriculture. Delaware’s agriculture, advanced chemicals, and life sciences sectors work closely together.

Delaware-based life sciences companies utilize biologists, animal scientists, and chemists to produce pharmaceutical products for agribusiness. And, multinational companies support Delaware agriculture by advancing R&D in areas like crop breeding, digital ag and more, while farms adopt sophisticated precision agriculture technology. At the University of Delaware, internationally renowned scientists work alongside students to tackle the big issues facing agribusiness, in the classroom and on the school’s 350-acre farm lab that provides hands-on experience with animals, crop plants, wetlands, forests, greenhouses, and a working dairy.

“With a location that puts us within a day’s drive of one-third of the U.S. population and our highly productive soils, Delaware is positioned to be a foodshed for the eastern United States.” – Ed Kee, Former Secretary of Agriculture 

  • Quick Fact

    Agriculture is Delaware’s single largest land use

    More than 2,300 family farms utilize 40 percent of Delaware’s land for agricultural production, including commodity crops like corn, soybeans, and wheat.

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    Delaware’s poultry industry generates more than $1 billion in sales, ranking 8th nationally

    Delaware’s major poultry producers are leaders in developing innovative industry trends such as organic and antibiotic-free.

  • Quick Fact

    The University of Delaware offers a 350-acre farm lab to solve real-world challenges

    Multinational companies also support Delaware agriculture by advancing R&D in areas like crop breeding, digital ag and more.

  • Quick Fact

    Delaware agriculture is closely linked to the life sciences sector

    Fast-growing Delaware companies utilize biologists, animal scientists and chemists to produce pharmaceutical products for agribusiness.

    Why Delaware for Your Business

    Some of the primary reasons that have, and continue to, encourage investments by agribusiness companies in the First State include:

    • Natural Resources – The availability of natural resources like fertile soil and minerals like clay, sand, and gravel boost the growth of crops in the state.
    • Climate – The effect of the ocean and the fact that most of Delaware is a part of the Atlantic coastal plain has a moderating effect on the climate in First State. This transitional climate helps vegetation grow in this humid subtropical zone.
    • Business-Friendly Laws – Delaware’s business laws are some of the most flexible in the United States. Hence, many companies form their business in the state.
    • Small State with Great Access – The second smallest state in the US after Rhode Island, Delaware offers easy access and proximity to the major markets in the Northeast.
    • Best Food Production Management – Delaware has some of the best food production management practices that make it possible to produce and deliver safe, nutritious and affordable products. This ensures that the farmers earn significantly well and the economy of the state flourishes.
    • Learned Workforce – Delaware is home to a talented, highly educated workforce which makes it a perfect place for agribusiness companies to invest and grow in.
    • Low Cost of Living & Great Quality of Life – Delaware is one of the three most affordable states to reside in the Mid-Atlantic region of the United States. In addition to a dairy, the state offers a vibrant lifestyle with indulgence in arts, culture, and food.  Our location on the eastern seaboard allows a thriving seafood industry, especially in crabs, clams, and oysters.

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      Perdue Farms

      Agribusiness leader generates $579 million annual economic impact in Delaware

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      DOT Foods

      The largest food industry redistribution in North America, continues to grow, officially breaking ground on its 12th distribution center. The new $36 million facility will be constructed on 35 acres of land in Bear, Delaware – just 50 miles southwest of Philadelphia.

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