Advancing Prosperity 3.0

Advancing Prosperity 3.0 is DPP’s three – year plan to raise resources to maintain momentum and impact on Delaware’s economy. We believe there is value in partnership. Become one of our investment partners and join over 60 companies who trust in our mission.


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Six Reasons to Know Delaware Prosperity Partnership

In Delaware, we are all connected. A company’s individual growth enhances the collective bottom line. DPP has helped over 50 companies locate and expand in Delaware. We also help businesses connect to workforce training programs, strengthen the innovation ecosystem, and support statewide prosperity. We invite you to be part of this public/private partnership and INVEST in this work, along with the state of Delaware and over 50 private companies.

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Delaware Prosperity Project is Dedicated to 4 Key Elements of Economic Development

Engaging and supporting existing employers

Expand DPP’s domestic and international marketing and business attraction efforts

  • Form target industry sector cabinets populated by investors, service providers, industry association representatives.
  • Attend trade shows and lead business development missions in national/international markets to conduct recruitment activities.
  • Use intelligence gathered from BRE visits to inform prospecting, especially for identifying onshoring and reshoring opportunities.
  • Continue corporate site selector engagement.

Strengthen DPP’s business retention & expansion program.

  • Expand the existing business visitation program.
  • Raise the profile of the BRE program within the state’s business community.
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Focusing on bringing new capital investment and jobs

Enhance storytelling efforts by developing a clear, consistent and convincing core message about Delaware as a preferred location for business.

  • Leverage BRE data and quotes from testimonials to create a narrative.
  • Use social media to cross promote successes.
  • Develop a cadence and continue to amplify business success stories for all target industries.

Increase internal (in-state) marketing efforts that highlight the impact of DPP’s services.

Continue messaging to external audiences that articulate DPP’s value proposition.

Elevate awareness of Live Love Delaware talent attraction site.

Enhancing the state’s talent pool and supporting employers in addressing their workforce needs

Partner with numerous workforce providers to capture/identify employer needs and help align available training.

  • Share and use information gathered from industry councils and BRE visits to keep partners abreast of industry training needs.

Continue to work with the Governor’s Office to consider/establish a state workforce training incentive program.

Maintain DPP’s role as a conveyor and connector.

Convening and supporting new, emerging sectors

Position Delaware as a desirable landing spot for emerging companies across and throughout the Eastern seaboard.

  • Identify and target successful startups graduating from business incubators/accelerators and in need of space to grow.
  • Track venture capital (VC) investments in high-growth, innovative businesses across the region.
  • Raise awareness of Delaware’s science and technology base among risk capital funds in other markets.

Support modernization opportunities within existing startups and companies.

Continue building the state’s innovation and entrepreneurship ecosystem.

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