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Created in 2017, Delaware Prosperity Partnership (DPP) is the nonprofit state economic development agency that leads Delaware’s economic development efforts to attract, grow and retain businesses; build a stronger entrepreneurial and innovation ecosystem; and to support private employers in identifying, recruiting and developing talent in Delaware. The DPP team’s services include working with prospects to review potential sites, cost-of-living details and funding opportunities, including available tax credits and incentives. View DPP’s latest annual report, Partnership, Prosperity & Progress: Year in Review 2022, for a summary of the DPP team’s accomplishments during 2022.

Committed to Advancing Prosperity in Delaware

As the statewide resource for Delaware’s economic development efforts, DPP works with economic development partners throughout the state to provide the very best opportunities for business engagement and recruitment. DPP’s Board of Directors represents a cross section of Delaware’s business leaders in the private and public sector. Together with our Board, our economic development partners and our investors, we are well-equipped to ensure Delaware supports business and remains globally competitive.

Our Purpose

Coordinating Delaware’s economic development programs and strategy is the cornerstone of what we do. Our agency is the trusted resource for businesses looking to locate or grow in Delaware. 

Our core operating principles include being transformational, forward looking, metrics driven and transparent.

DPP is dedicated to four key elements of economic development:

  1. Attraction – Focusing on bringing new companies to Delaware
  2. Expansion – Engaging and supporting existing employers
  3. Innovation – Convening and supporting new, emerging sectors
  4. Talent – Enhancing the state’s talent pool and supporting employers in their workforce needs

What We Do

The DPP team is often the first point of contact for site selection consultants, commercial real estate professionals and executives:  Our no-charge services include:

  • Supporting clients in identifying and reviewing potential sites
  • Conducting familiarization tours to acquaint clients with the area
  • Reviewing cost-of-living for the communities being considered
  • Arranging meetings with key elected officials and regulatory agency representatives when appropriate
  • Exploring funding opportunities, including available tax credits and incentives

Targeted Business Development

Promoting the benefits of establishing, expanding, and relocating businesses in Delaware is at the heart of our mission. Our targeted business development efforts focus on Delaware’s primary industry clusters. From informing businesses of available tax incentives and financing, to building awareness of Delaware as a destination for investment among site selection consultants and real estate brokers, our goal is making sure businesses see there no better place to be than Delaware.

Attracting Business and Jobs

Attracting new businesses to our state provides many benefits to the Delaware economy and to Delaware residents. Businesses large and small, from industrial and commercial, provide many jobs with good wages and benefits, invest in buildings and equipment, and purchase local goods and services. This helps the greater Delaware economy and community. We also aim to attract a variety of businesses in the major growth sectors that flourish in the Delaware business climate.

Expanding and Retaining Businesses

Bringing new business to Delaware is an important priority, but that is just one facet of our mission. When businesses choose Delaware, we continue our efforts to grow and retain those companies. That could include state grants or loan programs to help finance expansion or training programs to ensure access to a skilled labor pool. When we work with an enterprise, large or small, national or local, we identify custom solutions that fit their needs.

Coordinating Economic Activity

Our partners in economic development extend beyond the business community. We work with multiple local and state agencies as well. Coordinating with these agencies is crucial to ensuring proper state economic development. We work with our three counties as well as dozens of municipalities and chambers of commerce, to create and refine our state economic development programs.

The Team

Board of Directors


Partners & Vendors

DPP Operating Principles

Timeline & Operating Plan

Transparency Guidelines

Our History

On January 18, 2017, Governor John Carney signed his first executive order, creating the Delaware Economic Development Working Group.  The group explored the idea of a public-private partnership between the Delaware Economic Development office and Delaware’s business community. The findings of the working group provided compelling evidence that a public-private partnership would be beneficial in restructuring Delaware’s economic development efforts. In August 2017, Governor Carney signed House Bill 226, establishing the Delaware Prosperity Partnership.

  • September 2017 – DPP held the first meeting of the DPP Board of Directors
  • December 2017 – the IRS approves DPP’s 501(c)(3) status
  • March 2018 – $1.3 million dollars is raised from private investors to support the DPP; Our first permanent CEO, Kurt Foreman, is announced

The Lead Economic Development Agency for Delaware

As the lead economic development agency for Delaware, DPP supports enterprises and people in every stage of their business evolution. Just check out some of our success stories to learn about some of the most notable and innovative companies flourishing in Delaware’s world-class business climate.

Whether you represent a large or small business, DPP is ready and available to assist you every step of the way. We encourage you to explore more about Delaware Prosperity Partnership and discover how our economic development agency can support you and your business.

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