Success Story: Miller Metal Fabrication

Miller Metal Fabrication

Delaware manufacturer embraces technology to bring LEAN manufacturing to reality

A leader in Delaware’s manufacturing industry, Miller Metal of Bridgeville, has been specializing in the fabrication industry for more than 30 years. The company’s founder, Martin Miller Jr., began his career as a food processing equipment inventor. At its founding, the Company was located in a small backyard shop spanning 2,500 square feet.

Today, Miller Metal has nearly 100 employees and offers a full array of manufacturing services for its diversified client base. The Company provides state of art (CAD) design, laser cutting, bending, machining, welding and assembly services. Despite its size, Miller Metal has a substantive manufacturing presence in the Mid-Atlantic, where it services local, regional, national and several international clients in a variety of industries.

Combining Creativity and Technology

The Company strictly adheres to a commitment of embracing the latest available technologies, combined with continuous adaptation to modern manufacturing practices, such as LEAN and “just-in-time” principles. Adherence to strict quality standards is another overriding principle at Miller Metal.

Currently, the Company has more than 60 advanced pieces of equipment, including lasers, waterjets, stamping presses, pipe cutters, press brakes, milling machines and robotic welders. Incidentally, Miler Metal also has one of the largest press brakes on the East Coast.

Expanding Presence in Delaware

Over the years, the company has experienced a series of expansions. In 1993, Miller left his original backyard shop for a larger space in Harrington. Soon after, Miller Metal teamed up with Delaware-based material handling solutions company, O.A. Newton & Son., to co-exist at Newton’s headquarters site in Bridgeville in Sussex County.

In 2014, Miller Metal added a machine shop to its operation, where it has several high-tech milling machines. That same year, the Company started a rubber and hose division, the Delmarva Rubber Company, at its Bridgeville location. Delmarva Rubber provides specialty rubber, gasket and hose products to the agriculture, manufacturing, public safety, chemical and food processing industries.

“You pay for the product, not the name”

Despite its success, Miller Metal stays true to its roots, remaining a family owned business with the owner’s three sons―Martin III, Dave and Paul―each retaining management roles within the Company.

As one of Delaware’s premier homegrown manufacturing companies, it’s clear that Miller Metal puts innovation at the forefront of its business model. As Miller often tells his employees, “you pay for the product, not the name.”

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