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Delaware’s Workforce

During the past five years, Delaware’s workforce has expanded by 9.4%, nearly twice the U.S. average

No matter what type of worker you’re looking for, you’ll find it in Delaware’s workforce. Located at the center of more than 100 universities, medical schools, community colleges and highly respected Ivy League institutions, Delaware has one of the nation’s most educated, diverse and talented workforces.

Our high concentration of major research labs, research-intensive businesses and research universities also drive the skillsets of Delaware talent and employers, leading Delaware to have the nation’s fourth highest concentration of employed Ph.D.’s in the fields of health, science and engineering.

Colleges & Universities

  • University of Delaware: From its inception in 1743, the University’s alumni span history with three signers of the Declaration of Independence to the former vice president of the United States. The University also ranks among US News & World Report’s Top 100 colleges and universities. With distinguished faculty including internationally known authors, scientists and artists, the University epitomizes the story of achievement that is captured within our global state economy.
  • Delaware State University: The state’s second largest university, Del State ranks among the nation’s top 12 most respected historically black universities. With a total undergraduate enrollment of 4,600, Del State’s top academic programs include 42 undergraduate degree programs, 16 master’s degree programs and five doctoral degree programs. It is also the only Delaware university offering degrees in aviation and features its own air field.
Workforce Training

Delaware has created programs to ensure our businesses find employees with the proper expertise:

  • Delaware Works: A statewide platform from the Delaware Department of Labor that connects businesses with potential employees and a wide range of business resources. The platform also serves as an entry-point for Delawareans seeking employment opportunities and career-planning resources.
  • Delaware Pathways: An organization that prepares middle and high school students for college and careers by identifying workforce needs, aligning skill-building programs in high schools and post-secondary institutions and engaging employers with the future workforce to develop Delaware’s talent pipeline. To learn more about the career pathways offered in Delaware, click here.
  • Delaware Technical Community College: As a statewide multi-campus community college, Delaware Technical Community College works closely with industry experts to develop courses to equip students with the skills needed to succeed in Delaware’s STEM-related fields. Businesses in the region have also developed comprehensive internship programs to provide hands-on experience.

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