Governor Carney Announces Economic Development Working Group Members

Membership guidelines outlined in executive order

9 FEBRUARY, 2017

Governor John Carney announced Wednesday the members of the Economic Development Working Group who will develop recommendations for implementing a public-private partnership at the Delaware Economic Development Office.

The working group will explore how state government can work with the private sector to improve economic development efforts in Delaware, including ways to attract new, growing companies to the state, build a stronger entrepreneurial community, and support innovation.

“Over the next several weeks, the working group will explore how we can best position Delaware to be at the top of the list for businesses looking to start-up, grow or relocate,” said Governor Carney. “We will work with private industry to help grow our economy so that Delaware can compete for good-paying jobs.”

The Economic Development Working Group members include:

  • Mark Brainard – President, Delaware Technical Community College (Co-Chair)
  • Doneene Damon – Executive Vice President, Richards, Layton & Finger, P.A.
  • Mark Kleinschmidt – President, New Castle County Chamber of Commerce
  • Nick Lambrow – President, M&T Bank, Delaware Region
  • Jim Maravelias – President, Delaware AFL-CIO
  • Terry Murphy – President, Bayhealth Medical Center & Chairman of the Delaware Business Roundtable
  • Mona Parikh – Community Engagement Liaison, UD Horn Program in Entrepreneurship
  • Sen. Brian Pettyjohn – Senate Republican Caucus
  • Albert Shields – Policy Director, Office of Governor Carney
  • Rep. Bryon Short – House Democratic Caucus
  • Richelle Vible – Executive Director, Catholic Charities
  • Sen. Jack Walsh – Senate Democratic Caucus
  • Rod Ward – President, Corporation Service Company (Co-Chair)
  • Bernice Whaley – Director, Delaware Economic Development Office
  • Rep. Lyndon Yearick – House Republican Caucus

The working group will begin its work in February and report back to Governor Carney by April 7, 2017. The group includes a member from each of the General Assembly’s four caucuses; four representatives from the business community; the Director of the Delaware Economic Development Office; the Governor’s Policy Director; and representatives from the nonprofit sector, higher education, labor and the public.

The Economic Development Working Group was established by Executive Order Number One, which Governor Carney issued on his first day in office.

Text of Executive Order




WHEREAS, Delaware’s economy is undergoing a fundamental shift toward industries and employment that require innovation and higher levels of skill.

WHEREAS, Delaware must embrace this change and focus its economic development efforts on making investments that result in jobs for Delaware workers, maintaining a business climate and infrastructure that supports economic growth, and developing a culture of entrepreneurship to grow the industries and jobs of the future.

WHEREAS, Delaware’s business community has valuable information about emerging markets, the skills needed in a modern workforce, and resources to invest in new opportunities.

WHEREAS, the strength of Delaware’s economy will increasingly rely on identifying opportunities for growth and developing a well-trained workforce to meet the needs of existing and potential Delaware companies.

WHEREAS, allowing the Delaware Economic Development Office to work in partnership with Delaware’s business community will enhance the resources available for job creation and economic growth.

NOW, THEREFORE, I JOHN C. CARNEY, by virtue of the authority vested in me as Governor of the State of Delaware, do hereby declare and order the following:

1. A working group is hereby established to study how Delaware’s public and private sectors can work together to improve the process of economic development in Delaware, including, in particular, to attract more growing and fledgling companies to the state and to build a stronger entrepreneurial community (the “Working Group”).

2. The Working Group shall consist of no fewer than 14 members to include:

a. Four members of the General Assembly, to include one member from each of the House Majority and Minority caucuses, who shall be appointed by the Speaker of the House, and one member from each of the Senate Majority and Minority caucuses, who shall be appointed by the President Pro Tempore of the Senate;

b. The Director of the Delaware Economic Development Office (DEDO);

c. Four members of Delaware’s business community, to be recommended by the Delaware State d. Chamber of Commerce;

e. The Governor’s Policy Director; and

f. Representatives from the higher education, non-profit and labor union communities, and one member of the public, to be appointed by the Governor.

3. The Governor may appoint a chair and vice-chair, or two co-chairs, one each from the public and private sectors.

4. The Governor may increase the size of the Working Group and appoint additional members at his pleasure.

5. The Working Group shall convene in February and shall consider at least the following matters:

a. All duties and responsibilities of DEDO mandated by the Delaware Code and other applicable Delaware law;

b. All additional duties and responsibilities currently being undertaken by DEDO;

c. Current DEDO staffing and funding levels;

d. The extent to which other states in the United States have used public-private partnerships (PPPs) as a tool to promote innovation and build an entrepreneurial community, the significant features of those partnerships and the degree to which they have achieved measurable results; and

e. The conditions necessary to making effective use of a PPP to foster economic development in Delaware.

6. No later than April 7, 2017, the Working Group shall produce a report to the Governor that includes at least the following:

a. Policy recommendations regarding the use of a PPP to foster economic development in Delaware, particularly in the area of strengthening the environment for entrepreneurs;

b. The features essential to the success of any recommended PPP, including but not limited to a proposed governance structure and an estimate of necessary appropriations from the General Assembly;

c. A proposed process and timeline for implementing any policy recommendation; and

d. A draft of any necessary implementing legislation.

7. The Working Group shall dissolve on April 7, 2017 unless reconstituted by further executive order.

APPROVED this 18th date of January 2017.

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