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growth sectors in Delaware

With the second-lowest cost of doing business in the United States, Delaware is home to a diverse range of industries that support the growth of companies large and small. Delaware also has one of the nation’s most business-friendly climates, a rich innovation ecosystem that supports research and development and entrepreneurship and internationally competitive talent supported by world-class universities and an extensive network of workforce training. For all of these reasons and many more, Delaware is welcoming more new business, capital investment and young professionals.

Growth Sectors in Delaware

Want to know more about Delaware’s major industries? Download our Delaware Sector Sheets. These resources include sector summaries, statistics and superlatives; testimonials from corporations that have benefited from choosing Delaware; and lists of key employers and industry drivers located in Delaware.

Learn why Delaware’s STEM-based industries are among the strongest in the nation via DPP’s Science & Technology Sector Sheet here.

Learn why Delaware is a global hub for leading financial institutions and cutting-edge startups via DPP’s Business & Financial Services Sector Sheet here.

Learn how Delaware is building innovative solutions and delivering them to the world via DPP’s Manufacturing & Logistics Sector Sheet here.

Learn why Delaware’s farms are among the most productive and efficient in the United States via DPP’s Food Production & Agriculture Sector Sheet here

Learn how world-class universities, healthcare institutions and researchers are shaping the economy of Delaware and beyond via DPP’s Education & Healthcare Sector Sheet here.

A full set of all of the Delaware Sector Sheets is available here.

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