Delaware Launches New Site Readiness Fund – Online Application Process

Site Readiness Fund Delaware Division of Small Business

The Delaware Division of Small Business is now accepting applications for the Site Readiness Fund from qualified businesses or local governments. Established through Senate Bill 127, the fund promotes economic growth and stability by investing in the development or improvement of commercial and industrial sites to attract job-creating businesses.

The Site Readiness Fund provides grants, loans or other economic assistance to qualified businesses or local governments that invest in constructing, renovating or improving commercial, industrial sites that are readily available to new businesses, established businesses that are considering moving to the state, or existing businesses within the state that need additional sites to remain or expand in Delaware.

“There is significant competition between Delaware and surrounding states to attract and keep vital businesses that create and maintain employment opportunities,” said Jordan SchultiesDirector of the Division of Small Business. “The Site Readiness Fund is an important tool we can use to stay competitive and incentivize those businesses to locate in our state.”

“The Site Readiness Fund creates more viable options for companies looking to locate or expand right here in Delaware,” said Kurt Foreman, President and CEO of the Delaware Prosperity Partnership. “The fund provides an investment in ensuring that sites throughout the state are ready for the kinds of development and job growth we all value.”

Site Readiness Fund applications are available at Once completed, applications can be emailed to

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